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Do you suffer from Poor Posture?

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Poor Posture.

AtlasPROfilax® provides, through correction of the position of the Atlas, an improvement in posture.

Due to the consistent mechanical stress in the suboccipital muscles (short muscles at the base of the skull), the body tends to anteriorize the head and exaggerate the kyphosis.

Atlas and Posture.

We could compare the Atlas with the steering wheel of a car or the handlebar of a bicycle. If we keep the steering wheel straight, the vehicle will maintain a straight path. If, on the contrary, we twist, turn or turn the steering wheel or the handlebar, the vehicle will deviate from the straight path. 

The deviation of the Atlas may be the number one factor in the development and maintenance of an incorrect posture. One of the most common postural dysfunctions is the anteriorization of the head and shoulders, which can affect the position of the pelvis, the knees and even change the natural and symmetrical manner in which the foot meets the ground during gait.

Improve Posture with AtlasPROfilax®​

The correction of the Atlas helps the mechanical and neuromuscular rehabilitation of the posture of the human body. While there are other essential factors in maintaining bad posture, it is very important to eliminate one of the main causes: the misalignment of the Atlas.

Effectiveness, improvements, and limitations:

AtlasPROfilax® has high effectiveness in posture improvement. More than 80% of treated patients feel an often immediate change after therapy. The posture is more upright and straight. The vast majority of patients report that this improvement in posture is maintained over time.