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Neck and Back Pain

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Do you suffer from Neck or Back Pain?

Learn how AtlasProFilax can help.

Painful Neck.

Muscle contractures are the main cause of neck pain. A malrotated Atlas will cause increased tone in the suboccipital musculature and the shortening of the space between Occiput, Atlas, and Axis, (head and first two vertebrae). If the head is not positioned properly, the posterior neck muscles must work extra hard to hold the head up against the pull of gravity. Over time, the muscles and fascia become chronically stressed. Massage may help temporarily, but AtlasPROfilax gets to the route of the problem by correcting the mal-alignment and allowing the body to heal.

The correction of the Atlas with AtlasPROfilax® naturally restores the functionality to the head joints, leading in most cases to an improvement in length and decrease in restriction and muscle pain.

Neck Pain Relief with AtlasPROfilax®

AtlasPROfilax® can Reset the Suboccipital Muscles with a SAFE, Three Minute Treatment.

Neck Pain Relief Effectiveness, improvements, and limitations:

Atlasprofilax® has been shown to be effective in the relief and improvement of conditions inherent to torticollis, both in the mobility of the head and neck and in the pain associated with this problem.

  • 87% of the patients studied report a very marked improvement (their problem has improved by more than 80%)
  • 12% of patients report an appreciable improvement (of more than 50%)

Lower Back Pain.

The forward position of the head is one of the most important signs of the Minor Derangement of the Atlas and results in a postural change of the lower cervical and dorsal vertebrae. In the long term, this can lead to a shortening of the spinal erector back muscles and increased lumbar lordosis and consequently, the onset of lumbar pain.

​The risk of experiencing lumbar pain is increased x3 for each centimeter of head anteriorization. This involves a change in tone and elasticity in the posterior muscle chains which is a trigger for lumbar pain of myofascial origin (muscular and fascial).

Abnormalities of Column Disks.

Herniated Disc: (also called a Ruptured or Slipped Disc):

A herniated disc is when the outer covering of the disc has a rupture or a tear in it. The pain is a result of spinal nerve inflammation and swelling caused by the pressure of the herniated disc, and the gel material is irritating to your spinal nerves, triggering something like a chemical irritation.

Bulging Disc

As we age, our discs weaken and bulge downward, in other words – bulging discs are usually caused by age-related degeneration. When a bulging disc (protrusion) occurs, this bulge can press against the nerves, causing pain.

 The spinal discs provide cushioning and separation between each vertebra. Each disc supports the weight of the upper vertebra plus the pressure of all the others. The discs are semi gelatinous and relatively viscous. This gives them some flexibility and adaptation to the movements that the spine can make. However, a prolonged alteration in the center of gravity of the head and spine can produce a domino effect that usually overexposes pressure loads descending to the discs. If one or more of the discs suffer an asymmetric load, there is the risk that the disc will ultimately produce a protrusion or herniation.

 The atlas largely determines the rest of the column’s curves and their degree of alignment or deviation. Therefore, a deviation in the atlas is usually synonymous with decompensation in the loads and the excessive pressure that is placed on the disks. If the atlas position is not corrected, gravity will continue to have a negative effect by pulling the head more and more forward, and the body will compensate in the only way possible to keep the body from falling forward. The result is many aches and pains and abnormal wear and tear on the joints throughout the body.

Back Pain Relief with AtlasPROfilax®

AtlasPROfilax® can Reset the Suboccipital Muscles with a SAFE, Three Minute Treatment.

Back Pain Relief Effectiveness, improvements, and limitations:

AtlasPROfilax® has very high effectiveness in pain associated with herniated discs. The effectiveness in reabsorption (long term) of the hernias themselves is high. The limitations of therapy are factors such as advanced age or obesity, often synonymous with degeneration of the discs, discoarthrosis, vertebral crushing and similar degenerative diseases of the discs. AtlasPROfilax can be performed on people who have had spinal surgery.