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Jaw Dysfunction & Bruxism

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Do you suffer from Jaw Dysfunction & Bruxism?

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Dysfunction of the jaw and its articulation.

The Atlas governs much of the center of gravity of the head and spine and therefore has a big impact on posture. A mechanically incorrect position of the Atlas forces the body to distort the posture and, frequently, the head adopts a forward position.

The musculature of the neck, in its multiple chains and muscle groups, is therefore forced to change tone: some will be more lax and other muscle groups will become too tense and contracted. This phenomenon can have a negative effect on the position of the jaw and its joint, triggering pain, joint noises and problems opening the mouth, chewing, yawning, among others.


The “grinding of teeth”, especially at night, is a common phenomenon known as bruxism. While in some cases bruxism can have a psychological cause, in others the cause is mechanical or structural. The alteration of the Atlas changes the natural balance of many mechanical and muscular structures causing a vicious circle of joint and muscular tension (especially in the masseter muscles) that leads to structural bruxism.

    Effectiveness, improvements and limitations:

    AtlasPROfilax® has proven effective in relieving or improving patients with structural bruxism. The pain is usually relieved in a very high percentage, as are other symptoms such as joint noise, opening of the mouth or the derangement of the middle dental line. However, the efficacy of AtlasPROfilax® in cases where bruxism is of psychological origin is low or very low.